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Managed WordPress Hosting

For a developer working with WordPress whether part time or full time, WordPress seems like a simple thing.
This is because they are capable of setting up servers with Digital Ocean and Linode. However, to other people, your neighbors, siblings or parents, who want to create a website without getting into the deep details this, might not be as simple. To them, WordPress is simply a site that helps them publish their work. They may not know about the other features of WordPress that they can take advantage of. They then usually resort to managed word press hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting

This simply means that the hosts of the website manage the administrative tasks such as speed, security, scalability and website uptime. WordPress hosting companies can be compared to a ¼ mile drag race. In order to win the race, you require a little modification to your car. At the end, you have the same car, but the car has been optimized. The tires have been changed, or it has a new tuned chip.

WordPress is built with similar techniques. It has a web server just like the way a car has an engine. Just like a car, the setup of the parts and their quality make the difference. It defines the car.  WordPress websites are best managed by WordPress hosting. They offer expert support through your phone or email at any time. They solve any upcoming issues. For example, most of the updates and backups are automatic. They utilize CDN networks for a built-in optimization; other features like security mechanisms and database optimization are built in the managed host.

Below is a list of WordPress hosting. They are arranged according to price:

Site ground – $6.45/mo

Kinsta – $30/mo

Flywheel – $30/mo

Pagely – $299/mo