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Clickbait Watch: Apple Watch v Fitbit

Still, the headline raises a good question. If you’ve been a loyal Fitbit user, and you want an
Apple Watch, what’s your plan? Do you start wearing two devices to track your activity? (Find the best apple watch series 6 bands  here).
Collect two sets of data about steps taken and calories burned? Where does it end?
As a loyal Fitbit wearer since Nov. 2012, I’m not about to stop wearing one when I finally wrap
an Apple Watch Sport around my wrist. I have all those years of Fitbit data that I don’t want to
stop adding to. More importantly, I have friends and family members I compete against on the
Fitbit leaderboard. Seeing that my nephew Stafford has jumped ahead of me is excellent
motivation to make me walk instead of drive to the grocery store. And though I own a Fitbit
Surge, no way am I wearing two watches. Gotta draw a line in the sand somewhere!
If you’re struggling to solve this privileged-person problem, consider this: You already own a
recent iPhone, or else you wouldn’t be buying an Apple Watch. The iPhone 5s, 6, and 6 Plus all

feature a motion coprocessor, which makes it possible for the Fitbit app to count your steps. So
you can still be a part of the Fitbit generation without actually wearing a Fitbit.
Here’s my plan: Keep a Fitbit One tucked in my pocket, then slip on my Surge for automated
sleep tracking at night. What’s yours?

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