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Bitcoin Payments Are Accepted With WordPress

How Bitcoin Payments Are Accepted With WordPress

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity very fast. It is important to ensure that your WordPress can accept bitcoin payments. This article will discuss different tools that are required for processing bitcoin payments. Such tools include Bitcoin wallets, processor services for digital payments, and WordPress plugins for cryptocurrency. By the time you are through with reading this document, you will be equipped with tips on accepting Bitcoin payments via your WordPress. You need to do the following things.

Bitcoin wallet creation

After earning your Bitcoins you will utilize a Bitcoin wallet to store them. It is well explained as software that keeps your personal Bitcoin keys. The storage of a wallet can be done on a desktop, mobile, web, or even on hardware. It is advisable that you conduct some research before selecting a wallet option. Some processing services for digital payments like CoinBase and Bitpay have their wallet online. However, there are other options that enable deposits into a bank account.

Signing up for a processor service that allows digital payment

This processor has the ability to take payments on a WordPress website. It allows a very easy acceptance of Bitcoin. The payment processor automatically deposits received Bitcoin into the wallet. It also has an option of depositing Bitcoin into a bank account after they are changed into your preferred currency. The following are some examples of payment processors.

  • Bitpay has the ability to transfer funds in various currencies to more than 38 countries.
  • CoinBase is able to deal with different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Eventually, you can transfer them to an altcoin wallet.
  • CoinGate allows more than 45 cryptocurrencies. Ensure you use digital wallet electrum because CoinGate does not support the services of an online wallet.

WordPress Plugin installation

After choosing a particular digital wallet and signing up for a service for payment processing, a WordPress plugin is required. A plugin enables Bitcoin payment and WordPress website integration for an effective process of Withdrawing / Spending Bitcoin. The following are some examples of plugins that can enable this function.

  • Blockonomics which supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Payments are sent to a payment wallet instead of a gateway. Withdrawing fees are saved and also the money transfer is executed very fast.
  • TripleA with the ability to directly receive bitcoin payments without a fee or the requirement of a customer account. For payments, customers are required to have the QR code scanned.
  • Bitpay checkout for WooCommerce. You are required to add a fresh API token for the WooCommerce store for payment processing.
  • Coingate for WooCommerce which allows payment from an online store through Coingate.


The discussed methods and plugins are very essential in processing Bitcoin payments from WordPress. It is advisable that you choose a tool depending on your audience and the site you are using. You have the ability to try various options so that you choose the payment method or plugin tool that suits your website. All these techniques are geared towards an effective method of Withdrawing/ Spending Bitcoin. Embrace these tips and it will be a cinch when processing Bitcoin payments from WordPress.

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