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WordPress Themes for Electricians

5 Best WordPress Themes for Electricians

Electricity is part of our daily lives. According to, When there is a power outage, a lot of businesses can be affected. With the evolving world and the advanced technology, most electricians are developing their own websites to meet the client’s need.

The market is packed with themes that are specifically designed to help electricians create an intuitive and functional website. WordPress themes that are modern, clean and come with user-friendly and customizable features that are ideal for creating a robust website to represent your business online.

If you are an electrician or electrical company, here are some of the best WordPress Themes to consider.

  • Electrician Theme by Smartdatasoft

The electrician theme is one of the best pieces used by electricians because of its high quality. It also has fantastic features such as the responsive and ready retina, visual composer, WPML, and translation ready, and Bootstrap, to mention a few.

Electrician theme also has a way of attracting customers with their call to info and even contacts in their headers and a social search engine optimization. It also displays the pricing tables and listing services. It shows the customer’s reviews to help increase consumers’ trust in your services.

  • Voltager by TemplateMonster

This theme is designed to be appealing and well-endowed in its functionality and has prebuilt plugins. It is arranged to make it easier for users to navigate.

This theme is well customized with features such as the header, sidebar, page layout, typography, and MailChimp’s, to mention a few. Furthermore, it offers many prebuilt configurations, and one can preview changes without page reloading. Voltager also has search engine optimization options that meet all the search engine requirements.

  • Builders by MyThemeShop

Builders theme is precisely designed for construction companies. The page layout is well placed, and it is equipped with useful features such as a unique header, unique slider, and work section where builders can showcase their work. There is also a portfolio section that increases their clientele and a Why us section that explains their proficiencies, clients, and partners.

There is also an FAQ section where clients inquire about the website. Something else that makes this theme impressive is the inclusion of search engine optimization options.

  • Max Electric by ThemeWisdom

If you are looking for a clean and simple theme, then the Max Electric theme is worth considering. It is simple to use this theme because it provides leads right from the home page with a form that combines with Mailchimp.

This theme has components for a vast range of content types, and it is easier for users to navigate the website. It provides admin services that offer help to users. It also has search options for easy navigation through the website. Also included are a slider revolution and a visual composer.

  • Blue-collar by LSVR themes

This theme provides handyman and home maintenance services. There are maintenance services that use Generators. The theme has many free plugins that extend one’s site’s features and add a lot of helpful resources.

Also, it provides contact information where a client can easily access their services, provide information about themselves, and post their reviews. There is also the pricing lists and they are available 24/7.

The theme offers the right balance between simplicity and flexibility. Plus, the blue-collar article is usually frequently updated; hence it is easier for clients to try their new features.


These are some of the best themes that are precisely made for electricians. Most of them are simple, clean, straightforward and easy to customize. Feel free to choose whichever theme works best for your website.

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