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How To Create A Gaming Website And Set Up A Personal Server

PC Gaming is very popular nowadays and there is no likelihood of its ending. Experts say that having the idea of creating your own website is a very important opportunity. Setting your own server is also very possible so that people can play on it. This will depend on the kind of games you major on. The following six steps will guide you on how to create a website for playing games.

Layout a plan

Games and websites have something in common. They come in different sizes and shapes therefore it is important to know the type of site you are using. This is about the content you aim to publish and your domain name will also depend on it. Some common websites include gaming blogs, game streamers, game developers, and server websites.

Choosing a website name and domain registration

Choose a name in relation to what you want to publish. Examples of famous websites with good names include Destructoid, Kotaku, and Gematsu. The name should be short, memorable, and very unique. The kind of gaming website will direct you to choose a perfect name. Hostinger application will assist you in checking name availability. You will do the registration after matching the name with the correct domain.

Sign up for a plan to host your web

Two plans will be needed so as to set up a multiplayer server. Such servers work effectively for a wide range of compatible games. You can get a good hosting plan for approximately five dollars. These plans require a monthly subscription and they include;

Single shred hosting costing two dollars

Premium shared hosting for three dollars

Business shared hosting for seven dollars

Web hosts can be upgraded in case you need a better one. A virtual private server is required to set up a multiplayer server that enables user accessibility.

Select a website’s platform

WordPress is a very convenient content management system for use. Not only is it used for blogging but also for tackling many projects effectively. You can also embrace Joomla as it has advanced configuration options and SEO settings with favorable plugins.

Customize the gaming website

Customize your website according to the pages of interest. The following are examples of the involved features;

A blogging page that enables you to discuss important updates.

People working on your website are seen on the “about us” page, therefore, make sure it is inserted.

Five hundred plus plugins are offered by WordPress, therefore, ensure you utilize them effectively. Such plugins will give you the ability to extend features offered by WordPress.

Remember to select a good theme for your website as it will be attractive to the users. Themes with goods reviews will brand your website an excellent reputation.

Set up the game server

This is an easy procedure, therefore, do not be intimidated by other rumors. Follow the following steps;

Secure a good server and install all plugins required by the game you have chosen.

Do configurations in line with the game to be hosted.

Test the sever and enjoy as you play with other individuals

Make sure you use the VPS to host voice for the TeamSpeak application. This will enable a larger group hosting on your Pc Gaming website.


The above tips have been proven convenient while setting up your own website. Follow them keenly and you will enjoy the end results. This knowledge will save you a lot of money as there will be no more investments for website developers. Doing it by yourself is the best experience you can ever get in this particular field.

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