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Instagram With WordPress

Methods To Integrate Instagram With WordPress

Do you have to make an article using WordPress regarding on what you saw on private instagram viewer? Screenshots may be the first option but they are non-interactive and non-promotional.

How about trying to embed the Instagram post where the readers can access if they want more? It is quite manageable if you follow the following methods.

Methods Of Integrating Instagram

There can be 2 ways in integrating the Instagram post to your document made under the WordPress website. One method requires you to use a plugin. The other method utilizes an external feature or tool.

Adding The Instagram Feed To WordPress

Install the “Instagram Feed WD” plugin and activate it. Instagram Feed WD allows you to link Instagram to your document made using WordPress with multiple layouts for total control over the appearance.

Activate the plugin. A welcome screen and informative video will appear.

Click the “Start Using” button found at the top.

The plugin requires you to log in to your Instagram account. Click “Sign in with Instagram”.

After filling the forms, click “Save Changes”.

Go to “Feed WD” and then, “Feed” tab on the dashboard. Click on “Add New”. You can choose a layout for the feed and configure the lightbox settings.

When the feed is finalized, you can now publish it to your website in 2 ways.

One way is to open the WordPress editor and click the “Add Instagram Feed” button. You can pick which of the feed being configured can be added.

Another way is to use a widget. Go to “Appearance” and then the “Widgets” tab. Drag the “Instagram WD Widget” to either the footer or sidebar. You can choose which feed is to be displayed and make some adjustments before finalizing.

Auto-Posting The Most Recent Instagram Images To WordPress

This method utilizes an applet called “IFTTT”, or “If This Then That”. It allows you to link one platform to another and any action made to the source, the destination will respond.

To start, create an IFTTT account and have it connected to Instagram and WordPress.

Once connected, go to the “My Applets”, then “Services” and finally “Instagram”.

Since the applet IFTTT already exists, scroll down to find the option “Automatically turn specific Instagrams into photo posts”.

When the applet is activated, it will ask you to set the hashtag for triggering your Instagram WordPress post.

Next, you can configure the category of the publishing and other tags included. And then finally, set the Instagram post as “Published Immediately”. Click “Save”.

Now, when you add the triggering hashtag to the selected Instagram post, the IFTTT will publish a post to WordPress simultaneously.


Using the methods presented above allows more benefits to the publisher. The most obvious one is exposure in which the viewers can access the Instagram post directly from the article you have published through WordPress because of the link. In terms of visitor count, you have “killed two birds in one stone.”

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