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WordPress With Instagram

Four Methods Of Integrating WordPress With Instagram

WordPress has various plugins which enable it to be a powerful platform. Websites that function effectively and follower kaufen are made with the help of such plugins. It can be integrated with other virtual services such as Instagram. This integration is useful to WordPress so that you can share photos or pages. A quality combination is done through the following methods.

Displaying Instagram Feed within WordPress Posts

After opening your WordPress, check for the WD plugin on the dashboard. Upon clicking, you will be given an option to log in to an Instagram account. This allows easy accessibility of the access token and also enables you to save the changes made.

Click, choose, and add a style for your feed, either thumbnails or image browse. Give a name to the selected feed and indicate which username(s) you wish to configure. The editor option will enable choosing any posts and pages you want for feed-in purposes.

After loading the editor, click on the option which is located adjacent to the Add media preference. This is where you will select the new feed and insert it. There is a preview option for confirming new feed, so ensure you explore it.

Displaying Instagram Feed within Widgets of the WordPress

This method ensures you do not install other tools. It re-uses the WD plugin on the Instagram feed. It is because this similar tool will execute the purpose correctly. After activating the plugin, go to widgets on the WordPress platform and find the Instagram widget. Drag the widget to locate it where you prefer best and choose a feed from the shown list. Save it and ensure you do a preview on the sidebar.

Use Hashtags to Enable the Display of Particular Instagram Pictures in WordPress

For an automatic display of photos, you need a third account known as If This Then That (IFTTT). This enables a connection of various apps through continuous actions referred to as recipes. Executing a step in the Instagram account will trigger a similar effect in WordPress.

When you sign in to the IFTTT account, add channels of Instagram and WordPress. Look for a recipe and make the process of displaying photos by using hashtags automatically. It is a natural process; therefore, ensure you set it up.

Integrations of Zapier Instagram

Zapier and IFTTT play the same role when integrating WordPress and Instagram. Sign in and link the two accounts by selecting connected accounts preference on the topmost right side. After connecting the two accounts, explore which zaps exist on the Zapier platform. Ensure you click on the main menu and select Instagram.

Click the option for adding most recent media which have been tagged on both Instagram and WordPress. It is found in the list for Instagram popular zaps. Hashtags should be used in the configuration wizard to choose which pages or images will appear.


The four processes will enable you to handle social media platforms effectively for maximum benefits. Time will be saved as there will be no need to visit your Instagram page to upload photos into WordPress.

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