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Mobile App using WordPress

Develop Your Own Mobile App using WordPress

Most of the world’s population today are using their mobile phones for their everyday activities. You can read more about that by searching for information up to communicating with friends and family, mobile phones have made every user’s life more convenient. Mobile app development has become an important industry that supplies apps and services for every user.

Traditionally, mobile apps are made by programmers who are knowledgeable with mobile phone software language, or an integrated development environment (IDE). Each mobile OS has its IDE that facilitates app development via special programming codes and libraries.

To develop a single mobile app requires tedious hours of work and testing to ensure the app’s ability to perform its intended tasks. However, as years gone by, mobile app development has become easier to do that even a kid with a laptop can make his app, and so can you.

Making Your Mobile App with WordPress

Many know WordPress as an online website builder and provider. However, more users are demanding better access to your or your business’ page than just a website. With this demand,  a lot of developers have created plugins that enhanced the capacity of a WordPress website to do more than just providing information.

Now, website builders can build a website that can have more advanced content management systems for their business. It can offer an intuitive yet pocket-friendly web app for your customers.

Why Should You or Your Business Have a WordPress-made app?

WordPress has an excellent self-starter tool for those with intermediate knowledge of web development. While making a WordPress site is one thing, developing a WP-based app is another.

WordPress-developed mobile app is supported by plugins that allow you to design your app interface right on the WordPress dashboard. Then, it renders your developed app as an Android or iOS app installer.

The best benefit of getting WordPress to design and develop your app is the ability to customize the interface to your liking before having it exported as an installer. Another advantage of developing an app from WordPress is its backward compatibility.

It allows you to use outdated back-end support, like PHP, or even an older version of WordPress. It also has a secure database, a wider range of customization capacities, and an excellent mapping system for app improvement on navigation and performance.

How to Develop a WordPress-made app?

You can develop one from WordPress by installing a WP plugin that converts your website into a working mobile phone app. One of the most intuitive among self-starters is WordApp. It allows you to convert your WP site into an Android or iOS app with its smart UI templates to help you choose the best to represent your or your business’ app.

Once you have everything set, you can easily convert your site and have its installer sent to your email. This plugin allows you to manage the colors, fonts, sliders, menus, and even icons used to develop your app interface.

Other app-converting WordPress plugins include AppPresser that offers more development features if you know some web dev techniques. WiziApp also has excellent integration features for Google Analytics and social media sharing. You can find helpful tutorial videos and forums about developing apps from WordPress on GitHub, Quora, or Youtube.

Before settling on the final installer, make sure you have it installed first on your mobile phone and launch to test it. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can continue tweaking the UI until you get the features and interface you want to see. If everything’s okay, you can begin distributing it to your customers for them to enjoy it and appreciate your business even more.

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