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Using WordPress to Build Your Gaming Website: 2 Cool Ideas For Your Website

Gone are the days when gaming was just a few-person type of activity. Because of the internet, gaming has created a whole worldwide community that can connect even if they are in different areas of the world. That’s why gaming content websites have become popular. They bring gamers together in a hub that provides Clash Royale Tier List, gaming release announcements, game reviews, event information, game-related items for buying, blogs, streaming, and other exciting gaming content.

If you are a gamer and would also want to contribute to the gaming community with a good gaming website, the first place to turn to is WordPress. Here are two ideas on what kind of site you can create.

Create a Community Magazine Website

The first thing you can do is create a gaming community magazine site. What kind of site is this? Well, it is the type of website that contains exciting and informative content that caters to gamers. Some examples include IGN and PC Gamer Club. You can use these examples as your inspiration.

The big question is, what functions do you want to add to your website? It’s important to note that if it is an informative website, your viewers will be spending quite a bit of time scrolling around and looking for stuff to read. To cater to these people, it’s best to have a social aspect wherein players can interact with other players and share their achievements. Buddypress is a useful plugin that you can use to manage profiles, ratings, leaderboards, instant messaging, among others.

What should your content be about? It can be about anything gaming related. It doesn’t even need to be about a specific genre of game. It can be any type of game from mobile freemium games to Clash Royale to MMO games like League of Legends. The more content you have, the better.

Some WordPress themes you can consider using for your website include Boombox and Player X. For something simple, Arcane is a good community theme.

Build a Live Streaming Website

With the presence of programs such as Twitch, live streaming has become pretty popular. Twitch streaming can be considered a career– just like blogging. Live streaming is playing a game live, making some commentary, and interacting with live viewers. You can say it’s like one of those talks shows with a live studio audience. The difference is that your audience is online.

And the cool part of this endeavor is that you can play any game live. As long as the game has a target audience, you can stream it. It even works for Android games such as Clash Royale. You have a pretty broad audience to target. All you need to do is choose the right audience and give them the content they want.

Now, you may be wondering why we recommend you to create your live streaming site instead of relying on a third-party platform like Twitch. You see, third party platforms control your content. So there’s always going to be that risk of them taking it down. For instance, if you create a Clash Royale live streaming session, and it didn’t reach your third-party provider’s community standards, it will be taken down. We recommend that you create your website, then stream in third party providers to push the traffic to your site. That way, you can build a community leveraging the existing community of larger providers.

To make a live streaming website, you can use WordPress themes such as PixieHuge or GoodGame.


If you’re a gamer who wants to reach out to other players and build a community, you need to start with a website. While there are a hundred ways you can develop your gamer community, these two are proven and tested techniques you can do so.

They are also straightforward ideas that require a WordPress account and tools. With some knowledge of WordPress and high-quality content, you’ll be driving traffic to your website in no time.

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