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Wordpress with your Instagram

4 Methods to Connect WordPress with your Instagram

Instagram and WordPress are both large platforms for social media marketing that are popular on the Internet. The wide-range features of themes allow users to create exquisite and dynamic websites. However, its best attribute is its capability to merge with most of any Internet services there are.

Meanwhile, Instagram is another wonderful social media network that allows us to upload photographs and videos. This promotes a more interactive system of users and followers. With that being said, you may benefit from its wide capacity by connecting it with WordPress, which helps you promote your personal IG profile or account as well.

If it excites you, here are the 4 different methods (third-party software and plug-ins) to connect your IG and WordPress accounts:

IG Feed Publishing Using WordPress Posts

In some point in your life, you would desire to upgrade rather than simply settling with the number of your followers. For that, what you need is a plug-in.

Here’s how:

Download the ‘10Web Social Photo Feed’ app to your computer

Activate the plug-in

This will cause a new feature (Instagram Feed WD) to appear on your dashboard

Hit that tab

Choose ‘Settings’

Log in your IG account details

Select ‘Save Changes’ when everything is set

Hit the ‘Feeds’ feature

Select ‘Add New’

You may select between different design for your feed

Image Browser


Select the one that you like

Put your feed’s name

Add the feed’s username where you prefer to publish

Modify the other feature of settings depending on your liking

Hit ‘Save Changes’

Proceed to the editor depending on what post or page you prefer to add the feed-in

After that, another feature can be seen beside the button ‘Add Media’ that says

Select that tab

Choose your desired appearance

Select ‘Insert’

Hit ‘Preview’ to inspect the new feed design

When you’re done, just save your changes

Publish Your IG Feed Using WordPress Widgets

This method uses the same plug-in used in the previous technique.

Since you already have it, just proceed to your WordPress dashboard’s ‘Widget/Appearance’

Look for the tab that says ‘WD Widget’

Move it to your desired area

Select a feed from the given list

Hit ‘Save’

Automatic Publishing Certain IG posts using hashtags inside WordPress

To achieve this,  a third-party service is required. It is called ‘If This Then That’ (IFTTT). It allows you to associate applications with the use of link of activity also known as ‘recipes’. What you do in IG also happens in WordPress.

Here’s how it goes:

Register to a new IFTTT user account

Sign in to IFTTT

Connect WordPress and Instagram. These are also known as ‘channels’

Look for a ‘recipe’ that automatically performs the use of hashtags to publish certain photographs

Hit on the ‘Connect’ tab to integrate your WordPress and IG accounts with IFTTT

Applying ‘Zapier’ IG combinations

Zapier allows you to connect your WordPress and IG like IFTTT.

Here’s how to use it:

Register your Zapier account

Hit the menu found at the upper and right part of the screen

Choose ‘Connected Accounts’

Connect both accounts

Go back to Zapier’s main menu

Select ‘Instagram’

Skim down to ‘Popular Zaps for IG’ area

Select ‘Add new tagged media on IG to WordPress’

Hit ‘Uze this Zap’

Proceed to the settings to choose the hashtag you will use

Save your settings, and you’re all set!

With these methods, you will be able to effectively utilize the capacity of your social media account. Instead of wasting your time in posting to your WordPress and IG Feed separately, this new feature saves you more time and makes your social media living more efficient.

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