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Instagram With Your WordPress

4 Effective Ways to Merge Your Instagram With Your WordPress Account

The internet is now considered as a powerful tool to express one’s emotions, showcase talents and skills, share notable information, making meer volgers and so on. As a matter of fact, people can now earn out of their skills and hobbies in the form of a blog. To start with a domain, several users prefer to jumpstart with WordPress due to its user-friendly configurations.

WordPress is a famous platform utilized by several online users to express their thoughts, opinions, comments, and suggestions about a particular product, food, place, and etc. In addition, businesses can also make use of WordPress to advertise their company.

Instagram, on the other hand, is an app that allows users to share their pictures to their friends or to anyone — depending on the settings. Since then, this has been one of the most used apps that companies are now incorporating in their marketing plans to advertise their business.

Merging Instagram with your WordPress is actually a good idea to boost performance on both platforms. Following certain steps will allow you to integrate your Instagram account and your WordPress website. Here are some of the things to be done:

1.Put Your Instagram Feed in Your Posts

If you’re really into promoting your Instagram account, putting a link or typing your username won’t be enough to fully advertise your account. Instead of increasing that doubt, you can simply add your IG feed in your WordPress post without worries.

To begin, you’ll need your Instagram Feed WD plugin to be activated before it appears on your dashboard. After clicking it, go to settings and login to your Instagram account. After logging in to your account and saving the changes, go to your feeds tab and press the “add new” link. You can start configuring the settings based on your preference, then save changes once you’re satisfied.

Go to editor afterwards, then click on the new option beside “Add media”. Click on the “Add Instagram Feed” and insert button to add it on your post.

2.Make Use of WordPress Widgets

Another option you can choose for placing your IG feed through WordPress Widgets. Just like the first option, you’ll also be using your Instagram Feed WD plugin to start with the entire process. Providing that you’re done with the installation and activation of the plugin, go to “Appearance/Widgets” on your WordPress dashboard and look for the Instagram WD widget.

After reaching this option, choose your preferred feed based on the drop-down menu option, then save after you’ve put in your desired settings.

3.Use Hashtags to Place Specific IG Pics in Your Post

Doing this is possible as long as you have IFTTT (If This Then That), WordPress, and Instagram accounts all set for use. IFTTT, if you’re not familiar, is a program and app that enables you to connect various accounts through chains of actions, which are known as recipes. For instance, if you put a particular hashtag on your IG account and use it in one of your posts in WordPress, then this would give an immediate action in your WordPress pages.

Of course, after having an IFTTT account, add your Instagram and WordPress accounts as channels and look for a recipe for your IG post to automatically add to your WordPress post.

4.Use Zapier

Zapier uses almost the same principle as IFTTT. To begin with the process, you need to register an account in Zapier, then link your Instagram and WordPress account. To make this possible, go to “connected account” and add both aforementioned accounts.

After linking both accounts, go back to the homepage while still being logged in to Zapier and search for existing “zaps”. Select Instagram from the main menu, then scroll down to the popular zaps for Instagram. Look for the “Add New Tagged Media on Instagram to WordPress”, then click the button on the lower right “Use this Zap”. After clicking the link, set up which hashtags to use and on which page your post should appear.


WordPress is used by most people for personal or business purposes, where they’re able to fully express their thoughts or advertisements without word count limit. On the other hand, Instagram is seen as a snippet of what you’re currently up to or simply a way to showcase your photos to your friends or anyone who scrolls through your account.

Instagram is a helpful app that will promote your business further. Incorporating it to your WordPress account will certainly boost your IG popularity. To start, you can add your IG to your WordPress post with the use of Instagram Feed WD plugin. Another option would be using the same plugin to place in your WordPress widget.

IFTTT and Zapier, on the other hand, uses the same principle by triggering a specific hashtag on your WordPress post to automatically add an IG post that has the same hashtag.

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