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5 Tips in Selling Photos with WordPress Plugin or Theme

A lot of people have been entering the DigitalFrame industry through having their own stock photography website or through trading shots at WordPress Plugin, Themes, or other Platforms.

In order to sell their photos, photographers need to watermark their shots and create attractive galleries. This is to keep their shots and their identities secure. Also, having attractive galleries will help them attract more clients easily.

WordPress Plugin is just one of the many platforms that allow newbie and veteran photographers to sell their photos online. In this article, we’ll give you 5 tips on how to earn on your very own digital photos online.

Work with EDDs

EDDs or Easy Digital Downloads is one important task you need to master if you’d like to enter the world of photography trading. It will help you easily upload or create outputs through the web. It will also give you easy instructions on how to sell your photos online and it will automatically bring your gallery in a pool where potential clients for your photo category may view it.

The WooCommerce

WooCommerce is also one of the many platforms that you can try and sell your digital photos at. It has free and easy registration and the controls are just like what WP user interface offers.

Learn the Free Sites

There are a lot of free sites for photography trading online. These are the sites that may boost your items even without paying for registration and patronage. The following are some of its examples:

WP iSell

This may lack a few controls and editing features but it sure helps when you’re new at creating your own gallery. In WP iSell, most of the clients are those who want shots for their blogsite and newly created website. Sometimes, YouTube Vloggers also buy photos on these sites since trading here is cheap yet reliable.

Sell Media

Just like WP iSell, this is friendly to newbie users and earning is just as easy as 1,2,3!

Robo Gallery

You may try this one if your forte is themes and bulk shot selling. Robo Gallery gives a wide range of controls both for post-processing and compilation.

Premium WordPress Plugin

Having a VIP badge on your application or on your virtual account means a higher level of consumable service compared to the ordinary ones. WordPress Plugin also offers premium accounts. Availing this offer will help you gain more access to a lot of users and it will also give you new themes and application controls in creating your own creative gallery. Unlike selling your digital photos on free sites, using premium WordPress Plugin can help you gain much more easily and it also gives an extra layer of security to your items when it comes to data breaching and such.

The WordPress Theme

Buyers for online photos may not come easily to you most especially if you’re a newbie. In order to gain clients and earn, you may try making your own gallery of themes. Themes are those skins people use in order to make their user interface more presentable and attractive. By making themes, you get to give your shots or your digital photos their own place and their own identity. Just for a start, you can try making themes out of your shots before selling the photo itself as an item.

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