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Hosting Services for Music Lovers

Best Hosting Services for Music Lovers

The music industry had been steadily growing competitive over the years. With so many emerging artists, genre innovations, and music content like, it’s just as easy for a listener to find a niche as it is difficult for a musician to make his or her mark – so much harder if they’re working independently.

Sometimes, it’s not even a question of talent but exposure. If nobody knows who you are, chances of you being heard in somebody’s portable speakers are slim to none. Being able to present yourself to your intended audience and actually sell your craft to them is a whole new challenge but social media has also stepped up and just may come in handy.

First things first, you will need a website that showcases your identity but also cuts you from the rest. You have to gain as much recognition as you can, and it isn’t as hard as you think. WordPress, for example, gives you a free website upon signing up, but you do need to find the hosting most suitable for you. Here are five options you can go through.


This hosting option tops most lists for those looking to build their own website. WordPress even recommends Bluehost since 2005 because of its high compatibility and low operation interruption rate. It also includes a free domain, an SSL certification, and many more in their starter pack deal, with an easy upgrade to advanced hosting. Its system for content management is user-friendly, even when you have no idea about coding and programming.

Bluehost was built for success, and it offers possibilities for every preference and opportunities for boosting your global reach and promotions. It has 24/7 contact support as well, so they will be around if ever you’ve got questions.


This one considers your budget, which is neat when you’re still a beginner to the business. You can avail of their hosting service for starters, with no technical knowledge needed, and you get to have a high-quality performance for a considerably low price. This is a usual suggestion for independent bands and acts because the system makes self-management easier and more professional.

Hostinger also boasts the experience of their speed-optimized servers and efficient working systems, all brought by the new generation platform they had upgraded just recently. Their customer service is also more than happy to assist you if need be.


Known best for their outstanding customer support and efficient auto-updating system, SiteGround gives their users the package options depending on how early you are in the game and how much exposure you aim for. This is the common hosting choice for singers and DJs.

Their latest technologies require the use of SSD drivers optimized for loading speeds. This is particularly marketed towards fan accessibility since they utilize their tablets and phones when going to the website. Easier access means more exposure because fans and onlookers alike won’t have to wait as long. This is an investment you might want to take into account.

There are more hosting websites to choose from that aren’t mentioned here, but what’s important is you’ve got to start somewhere. You will eventually figure out what will work best for you, and that’s the time to change your course. We’re looking forward to hearing your music the next time we bring our portable speakers out to blast some music at the party. Good luck!

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