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How to Select the Right WordPress Hosting?

Having web hosting is essential for every successful website. If you follow Bloggers Need, you can improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and escalate sales. Here are the criteria to consider when choosing the perfect WordPress host for your website.

Evaluate Your Needs

As you might not know, there are different types of WordPress hosting options available online. The fundamental factor that you should consider is your own needs and evaluate them to realize which of these hosting options is the right one for you:

Free Hosting

This kind of web host is led by an individual who is reselling minor parts of his server space. However, the catch is that you are required to place their banner ads on the site. Aside from this, these web hosts are often unreliable and can abandon you at any time. It is advised to avoid this kind of web host at all cost.

Shared Hosting

This is the most popular type of WordPress hosting and is usually utilized by beginners. Aside from that, it is affordable and a good starting point for small businesses and starting bloggers; you can share a substantial server with a lot of sites. Contrary to what it says that it is with unlimited resources, however, you still have certain usage restrictions, and you might be courteously forced to upgrade your account when your site takes up large server load.

VPS hosting

The advantage of Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is that you have as much power as a dedicated server, though you are sharing the server with others. It can give you the privacy of a distinct physical computer and can be arranged to run particular server software. This type of host is ideal for medium-sized businesses, excessive traffic blogs, and aspiring developers and designers.

Dedicated Server

This type of server is a physical server that you can rent from the hosting provider, thus allowing you to have power over the server including the selection of an operating system and the like. The hosting provider recruits a full-time system administrator that preserves your servers, monitors your server, provides phone support, etc. This type of server is perfect for exceptionally high traffic blogs.

Managed Hosting

The advantage of managed WordPress hosting is less anxiety about anything since the web host provider boost the performance of your site, secure your site, and maintain regular backups. It offers hassle-free fast hosting with optimum-quality support from staff.

Take Note of the Budget

Another aspect that you need to think about is the cost/pricing of the web host. While it is tempting to select the cheapest one, don’t fall for it. There are web host deals that can range from $3 to $30 a month while some are more expensive than the other. Remember, the price of web hosting is determined by several factors such as the quality of support and the physical condition of the server.

Consider the Features and the Performance

Aside from your needs and cost, you need to check on the features and performance of the web hosting. Apart from web themes that you can do, there are some things you need to check out – do you need to install other scripts, do you have to host more than one WordPress site, or are you prepared to pay an additional cost for backup services?

Check for Customer Support

You need to look into the quality of the customer support of a prospective web host provider if they have excellent customer support. Remember, a competent web hosting company will impart different ways of contact such as phone number, chat, or email. They even have employed someone that can help you 24/7. Do your research first on which company values customer support.

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