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Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms: How to Play on Your PC

There are many people out there, especially the youngsters, who like playing Rise of Kingdoms on their mobile phones. But they can also Download Rise of Kingdoms for PC and Mac (June 2019 Updated) for free. While the game might be really interesting, there are probably a number of players who are wondering if they could actually play the game on a computer. After all, gaming in a computer provides a whole new level for players as they have a larger screen for gaming. While playing using mobile phones is really convenient, playing on a computer offers higher performance and accuracy. So are you wondering if you could actually play Rise of Kingdoms on your PC? If yes, then follow the steps below:

Download BlueStacks.

Before you can play the game on your PC, you should download and install BlueStacks first. BlueStacks is an application that allows you to run mobile applications on a desktop computer. You can download BlueStacks online from for free.

Sign in.

After installing BlueStacks, sign into your Google ID.

Install the game.

Using BlueStacks, open Google Play, search for the Rise of Kingdoms, and then install it in your system.

Open the Rise of Kingdoms and beat the game!

Once the game has finished installing, click its icon that can be found on the ‘My Apps’ tab. You can start a new account for the game or even sign into an already existing account if you already have one. After logging into your Rise of Kingdoms account, it’s time for you to beat the game.

Rise of Kingdoms on BlueStacks

BlueStacks is actually much easy to use than any other game emulators. One advantage of this is the Discord Server, consisting of a community with BlueStacks experienced users. So in case you have any question or encountered an issue that you can’t solve on your own, you can ask about it on this server.

Aside from the fact that it has an unofficial support channel, it also has a capability tracking support ticket that you can submit quickly. Therefore, it is seen much faster than the other support tickets. All you need to do is provide the number of your ticket to one of the mods.

The Discord Server also has its own channel for the Rise of Kingdoms. There are more reasons for you to join this server, even if you don’t have BlueStacks.

Indeed, playing games on your PC is much more interesting and fun than playing it on your mobile phone. The only thing that put playing on PC in a disadvantageous position is the fact that you can’t play anywhere you want, and that is easily achieved if you play using your mobile phone. However, playing in the PC offers a more undeniable fun experience, and there are even more functions and techniques that a player could use. The choice between playing using the PC and playing using mobile phones depends on the gamers, as it depends on their comfortability when playing the game.

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