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The Most Common Web Hosting Issues You Will Encounter

The complicated process of building and designing a website is not an easy thing to learn. One has to exert effort and patience to be able to familiarize and learn to build a website. Once you already learn, the next best thing to do is to apply it and build your very own first website. From there, the learning continues as it is expected that you encounter several issues while on the process of building the website.

Once you are ready to migrate your website to your selected hosting platform, it is expected that there are many common issues that you might encounter while on this process. Don’t you worry though as there are several computer repair strategies that you can follow to solve these problems. Please read more below.

“Coming Soon” Page is still on display.

This is the most common web hosting problem that you will encounter when migrating your website to a hosting platform. There are two reasons why this issue usually appears. One is the web browser is loading an old version to your site; this can be fixed by clearing your computer browser’s cached. The other reason is when you uploaded the site to the wrong place of your hosting platform; this can be fixed by uploading a valid index file into the directory.

Changes in the website are not displayed.

This is also another simple issue that requires an easy fix. Once you encounter this, better not worry as by simply clearing your browser cached, the issue will be solved completely.

The website used to be working but now it’s down.

You have made several changes to your site and it was working properly at first. After some time, you found your website not working and are basically down. The reason behind this issue is that your hosting provider has experienced downtime; it can be fixed by calling them personally to know the status. Another reason is when your domain name has a changed “DNS” setting; this can be fixed by contacting your hosting company to be able to fix the issue very fast.

Images do not display on the website.

When an image fails to upload on the website, the most common fix is to do it again and try to re-upload on the website. Another reason that causes images not displaying on the website is when it is located on the wrong folder. The simple way to fix this is to try to move the different images to the right directory.

Website’s layout looks completely wrong.

When your website only displays different text elements and no designs or layout, then there is a problem to your site. The CSS file is probably missing and this can be fixed by re-uploading your website. If not, try to locate the CSS file of your website and try to move it into the proper directory.


It is normal to encounter web hosting issues once you migrate your website to your selected hosting platform. By following the tips above, all these issues will be solved easily and your site will be up in no time.

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