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Web Design Practices for Insurance Agencies

Best Web Design Practices for Insurance Agencies

Everyone does everything on the internet nowadays – from making plans with friends to online shopping. This is why businesses these days have websites to reach more clients. Insurance agencies such as insurance are no different and trying to get as many online exposures as possible.

However, is it enough to simply have a website?

Of course, it’s not. Web design can play a huge role in the client’s impression of the business. After all, first impressions count, and they last. Web design can affect clients’ decisions, even in things like choosing home owners insurance.

Here are some of the best web design practices for insurance agencies:

Make It Mobile-Friendly.

Most businesses have learned to adapt to the times and made mobile-friendly versions of their websites. This is because, since their invention, smartphones have become a necessity for those with very busy lives.

Although they’re still not as good with multi-tasking as traditional computers, many people still do a lot of their business on their phones because they’re certainly easier to lug around than a laptop. After all, they’re small and can fit in pockets.

That’s why making your website mobile-friendly is important if you want to remain competitive as it will reach even those who are always on the go.

Have A Simple but Elegant Design.

Web Design Practices for Insurance Agencies

One of the main reasons why people go to websites is to look for information and answers, but where does design play into this?

A website that has an overcomplicated design will surely frustrate users especially if it’s hard for them to know where everything is. A simple but elegant design will make it easier for users to locate the information they need as it will be easier to navigate.

Making it more simple-looking will also make your site appear more professional and leave a good impression on potential clients. As stated before, good impressions can have a huge impact on clients’ decisions.

Make It Interactive.

Since many studies have shown that people retain information better when the source is interactive, adding media such as videos will serve the potential clients better, especially if they’re not much for reading. This is because videos can be more engaging for some people than written words.

It can also be more entertaining and can show potential clients the personality of the agent or agency with whom they will be working. This can be the agency’s chance to show that the business has a face.

Home owners insurance agencies will benefit a lot from being interactive since shelter is one of life’s basic necessities and homeowners will want to know with whom they are placing their home’s security.

Having said all that, the most important thing is still to always keep in mind the needs of your website’s visitors. They are potential clients and the website is for them. Being as user-friendly as possible is one sure way to attract more of them.

However, a good website is just one step. A website is not a whole business, so make sure that your website is just a reflection of your brand.

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