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WordPress Guest Blogging Plugins

Top WordPress Guest Blogging Plugins You Might Want to Use

Guest posting on websites is not only fun, but it’s also beneficial for the parties involved. Website admins get high-quality blogs at no cost, guest bloggers get to extend their target audience range, and readers get to read new content from different bloggers. If you plan to run a guest posting campaign, bigguestposting recommends you, guest blogging has its own challenges, especially for the admin. The difficulty, nonetheless, can be lessened by integrating WordPress guest blogging plugins. Here is a look at five useful WordPress plugins that you might want to use to streamline guest posting on websites.

Sabre Plugin

As an established blogger accepting guest posts, there is no shortage of spam registration. This is mainly due to the availability of automated software that allows guests to register to your website and submit their blog posts. Sabre Plugin, a simple anti-bot registration engine, enables you to deal with such spam registrations. You can integrate complex or simple captchas to eliminate automatic registration software at the registration level.

Peter’s Collaboration E-Mails Plugin

How amazing is it to automate those email tasks? Guest posting on websites is made easier with this plugin by allowing you to automate emails sent to your contributors concerning the progress of their submissions. Emails concerning notifications such as approval of a submitted blog, rejection, and change of status, for example, from pending status to pending draft, are what you get to automate. With this plugin, there’s no need to send emails after emails especially if you are dealing with multiple contributors.

Peter’s Post Notes Plugin

This plugin allows you to make notes. For instance, if a post submitted is lacking supporting images, you can use this plugin to be able to add a note along with the post as you send it back to the contributor for review. It allows the admin to make the process of collaborating with contributors much easier, enhancing the quality of guest posts.


In the process of guest posting, your team will take on different roles. That is what you get from Members WordPress plugin by giving you shortcodes to create, assign, edit, and even delete roles. It also defines capabilities and creates a login widget for the users. Such controls are all you need to simplify the guest posting endeavors.

User Submitted Posts Plugin

How about enhancing the quality of guest posts by allowing contributors to include multimedia files, images, tags, title, category, and URLs? This is among the benefits of using the User Submitted Posts WordPress plugin that not only streamlines the process but also improves the quality of the posts contributed.

There are many more WordPress guest posting plugins that you can use to help you with your guest posting tasks. As your blog grows, you may need to integrate more plugins to enhance the entire process.

What these plugins have in common, however, is that they ease the process while enhancing the quality of posts that you end up posting on your website. With the plugins, you also get to eliminate spam guest posts and have time to review serious bloggers looking for a more extensive turf.

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