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All About Online Dating Through Snapchat and Using Snapchat Plugins for WordPress

Online dating through social media has taken a new hit with the prevalence of internet-enabled mobile devices. With the numerous apps out in the market, different groups prefer specific platforms with online dating. Snapchat and kik friend finder have become the most popular apps to date.

Snapchat vs. Instagram

Snapchat is favored by 55% young singles over Instagram’s 45%, following a survey by Clover covering a sample of three million users. What makes Snapchat a fan’s favorite is the disappearing nature of its content, giving the users a chance to flirt freely.

What’s more, a survey shows that young singles prefer Snapchat following most users’ interests. For instance, Snapchat users’ preferences mainly include interests in movies, tattoos, sports, cuddling, and bonfires. On the other hand, Instagram users’ interests are more into food, art, coffee, reading, hiking, and photography, vividly showing how age brackets define the popularity of online dating through social media.

Given the interests, here is how the statistics vary per age group:

  • 18-24 years old: Snapchat takes the lead with 57% over Instagram’s 43%
  • 25-34 years old: the edge reduces to 52% while Instagram’s popularity rises to 48%
  • 35-44 years old: the trend continues with 35 to 44 years group taking more liking to Instagram with 53% over Snapchat’s 47%
  • 45-54 years old: age group further takes on Instagram with 58% and Snapchat 42%
  • 55-above: Instagram continues to take the day with a magnanimous 63% lead over Snapchat’s 37%

With the statistics at hand, it would not be wise to ignore the traffic you are likely to gain if you integrate Snapchat in your WordPress. Using Snapchat plugins for WordPress is not complicated. However, there currently is no direct way to do so. This is primarily due to the disappearing nature of the content noting that even the stories last only for a maximum of 24 hours while snaps disappear with a blink of an eye, within 10 seconds to be more precise.

Integrating Snapchat to Your WordPress

Snapcode Method

For this method, you need to download a zip file that contains QR codes that visitors scan with their Snapchat cameras when they visit your site. Downloading the zip file is easy, just log into the dedicated server and click the yellow button. The next step is to extract the files and upload the image to your WordPress. Insert the image into an image widget following your preferred area such as footer or sidebar.

Snapchat Snapcode Widget Method

The method involves installing and activating the Snapchat Snapcode widget plugin. The process creates a dedicated widget that you drag to your WordPress sidebar in Appearance menu. From there, you upload the Snapcode file from the zip and give it a name followed by typing your Snapchat username. The next step is to save the settings, and you are all set as the Snapcode will appear live on your WordPress site.

Either of the two methods will integrate Snapchat in your site, giving you a chance to interact with your visitors. Enjoy an edge by tapping into Snapchat integration to your site, increasing your online relevance and reputation.

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