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Best Go Daddy Alternatives

Choosing a webhost determines the quality of the website. A good website should be reliable, affordable and has all the required features. A common choice for many sites is Go Daddy. It has a lot to offer. However, there are other alternatives that are just as good as Go daddy and will offer the same features or even more features at a cheaper price. They have been outlined below.


This company focuses on providing the user with a managed hosting that is top notch. It has a variety of features for multi-site and single ones; for example, VPS server hosting and user face that offers specially designed and free word press installation.

This is considered a better alternative. Go Daddy covers various sites while Flywheel is specific for WordPress hosting. This means that flywheel will give you top tier optimization. You also have a customer support that is specific to WordPress related problems.

A2 hosting

This hosting company offers both shared and managed hosting. The shared hosting is very cheap and offers a variety of features. The managed hosting is a bit expensive. However, you get your money’s worth with all the added features and plenty of other extra things.

Different users have different needs. Some may want to manage their hosting personally, hence saving on a lot of money. Others may choose to want more control on their server. All in all, they also do not want to give up some of the features and advantages that WordPress offers. This is where A2 hosting comes in. With this hosting company, you will be able to choose between managed or unmanaged hosting.


Go Daddy is a wonderful company. We have nothing against it. However, there are other companies that are equally as good as Go Daddy. Be sure to also check them out.

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