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Best Ecommerce Hosting Solutions

It is already a challenge to find a decent website. Finding a website that can power an online store is even more difficult. If you are looking to set up an online store, you will require something that is much stronger that the regular hosting plans.  Below is a list of some of the best e commerce hosting solutions.

In motion hosting

This company is known for its low prices that accompany a comprehensive feature set. They have a variety of feature for example dedicated IP address for their plans, SSL options, and PCI compliant and automatic backups.

In motion Hosting ecommerce hosting plans are efficient for small stores or for people who are new in the field of commerce. The options are very variable for such a small price. However, once your business starts to flourish you will require a more expensive plan that will offer more features.

Site ground.

This hosting company offers tailored hosting from the various e commerce platforms. This is unlike other e commerce that is one size fits all.  Some of the features that it offers include a firewall for the web application, PCI compliant, free Encrypt certificates and an automatic backup. It is highly knowledgeable and can answer questions through live chat very quickly. They also offer a nice set of security features that exceed the user’s expectations.

Site ground is great for growing companies and for the companies that are just beginning. The downside to this hosting option is that due to the limit of the selection plans, they offer very little scalability.


The choice of ecommerce has a huge impact on the outcome of your online store. They will impact the website security, performance and the support system. It is best to do your homework before selecting one. Above is a just a few of some the best ecommerce hosting solution in 2018.

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