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Writing Your First Press Release

Tips For Writing Your Press Release

Now a few pointers to help you with the writing of your press release:

  1. Include a “compelling” (but relevant) headline if possible. Grab the reader right away
  2. Keep it brief, relevant, succinct and to the point – don’t make any wild claims or exaggerations.
  3. Put the most important, powerful wording in the first couple of paragraphs.
  4. Don’t issue your press release just for the sake of it. Wait until you have something to say which is newsworthy.
  5. Aim for somewhere between 200-500 words. You want to keep the reader’s attention.
  6. Think of your press release as a “mini web site.” In effect, that’s exactly what it will become if published online so include relevant key words for the search engines to pick up as they index your published press release. Aids your search engine ranking.
  7. Proof read your press release carefully before submission – absolutely no spelling or grammatical errors.
  8. Include links back to your web site within the press release body if appropriate and certainly in your contact details. Once again, helps your search engine ranking.
  9. Use a reputable distribution outlet like Press Pog.

Using Press Releases to promote your site

Have you realized now how you can use a press release to promote your web site or say an affiliate product by using a nicely prepared press release. It has a “doubled edged” potential to gain publicity and exposure for your web site or product and enhance search engine ranking at the same time.

Including your URL within the body of your press release and your contact details will mean that it’s picked up and indexed by search engines which can mean many, many back links pointing to your web site over time.

And using a compelling headline and initial paragraph will make people want to read your press release and find out more. More attention = more visitors to your web site = increased exposure = increased potential to make a sale of an affiliate product you are promoting from your site.

Or if you use Adsense on your site, more visitors via your press release can enhance your Adsense earnings. You don’t even need a web site to use a press release or to promote a product. No – actually. Here’s how……

Back to the dog training example, let’s say you’ve found a great dog training product on somewhere then instead of using your affiliate link in the press release, register a relevant domain name (costs very little) and forward the domain to your affiliate link.

For example you may register a domain name relevant to the product and just forward it to your website for the
product you wish to promote.

Include a link to your domain in your press release, any visitors will be directed automatically to your website and you’ll get a commission on any sales.

Hopefully I’ve triggered your imagination at this point. What are your hobbies, what interests you, what subjects do you have a particular knowledge of, what can you write about easily?

Get the idea…………? Good.

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