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Apple Watch and Evernote

Apple Watch and Evernote: A Great Way to Shop

News flash: best apple watch series 6 bands and the Evernote app can make shopping in a grocery or drug store a bit easier and a lot more fun.

I had eight things to buy at CVS yesterday. So I made a checklist in Evernote and glanced at it on my Apple Watch as I moved through the store, ticking off items as I put them in my hand basket. Loved it.

Here’s a checklist of how that worked:

* You need the Evernote iOS app (free) on your iPhone. It’s easiest to create your checklist there, or on your computer.

* Make sure the Evernote app is installed on your Apple Watch.

* On your watch, find the Evernote app icon and tap to open it. Or push and hold the Digital Crown button to awaken Siri and say “Open Evernote.”

* You’ll probably see your checklist under ‘Recently Updated’ in the Evernote app on Apple Watch. Tap to select it. There’s your checklist. As you pick up items in the store, tap to put a checkmark on that item in Evernote. (If for some reason you don’t see your checklist, make sure you’ve manually synched the Evernote app on your iPhone or computer.)

* It’s best if ‘Resume Previous Activity’ is checked as an option on your watch before you head to the store. This means that when you raise your watch to look at it in the store, your checklist will automatically display, instead of the watch face. To turn on this feature, go into the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Then select ‘General,’ ‘Activate on Wrist Raise,’ and ‘Resume Previous Activity.’

Evernote isn’t the only Apple Watch option for keeping a checklist—but it’s an awesome app for that and for so many things, including clipping and organizing Web content. And yes, you could just write down a shopping list on a Post-It note. But if you’ve got an Apple Watch, why would you do such a crazy analog thing?

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