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WordPress For All Levels

7 Best Books OF Learning WordPress For All Levels

WordPress has been the most popular tool to build a website. It is great for beginners and even more satisfying for web developers when working on melhores notebooks. It is an open-source platform, meaning anyone can utilize it. Whether you are publishing blogs and important articles, running fan-appreciation sites, or making business solutions, you can always depend on WordPress to provide you with online tools.

Not all users are keen and diligent enough to search using the right keywords for online tutorials. There may be plenty of tutorials out there, either written or in the video, but it is good to have read-worthy books that provide clear instructions. To help you start your learning, here are 7 most recommendable books about learning WordPress for all levels of learning.

WordPress for Beginners 2020

From the title itself, this book aims for beginners who wish to develop their skills in website developments. You will be able to learn the basics using their step-by-step instructions. You will also learn more important concepts, like widgets, menus, themes, plugins, and more, in order to diversify your future web designs.

WordPress 5 Complete

The word ‘complete’ is a clue on how much knowledge this book can offer you. The book starts with the reinforcement of basic concepts and techniques. As you progress reading, the topics will now shift gradually for content development, customization, and personalization, and other higher concepts that enable you to be a more seasoned web developer.

Building Web Apps with WordPress

In this age of the rise of smartphones, learning how to develop an app is an advantage. This book aims to a more advanced computer person since it guides you on how to build web applications using WordPress. You can learn how to develop for the complicated environment of iOS and Android operating systems and make the developed apps effective in the market.

Professional WordPress: Design and Development

This book will jump from the beginner stage to the professional stage. The topics here aim at how to use WordPress in order to further achieve your professional goals and real-life applications are used to depict the proper usage of a particular topic. Although the WordPress fundamentals are constantly observed, explanations are not being spoon-fed.

WordPress Plugins: The 672 Best Free WordPress Plugins

A plug-in is very helpful in order to make your website more dynamic and interactive. This book explains the usage and importance of a plug-in for a website and how you can achieve a satisfying result using WordPress. All 672 plug-ins across from more than 40 categories will be discussed in detail.

WordPress Security Made Easy

Since a website can be accessed by any computer or device all over the world, one of the biggest concerns it faces is security. In order to ensure that your website has high chances of fighting any online threat, this book will guide you on how to increase your website’s security as you build it using WordPress.

Building E-Commerce Solutions with WooCommerce

One of the reasons to create a website is for business solutions. In this book, you will be taken to various types of methods using WordPress to come up with the appropriate solution that will enable you to compete in the online market.


Because of online tools like WordPress, any ordinary person with just notebooks and a diligent mindset can have a chance to compete in the digital market. It is advantageous to purchase the aforementioned books not just to reinforce your fundamental skills but also to develop further in order to come up with more online solutions.

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