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How to Integrate Social Media Accounts With WordPress for Business Marketing

In our ever-changing world, social media play a concrete role in the success of a business. As mentioned by, Online presence matters for a business to succeed.  You need to find ways in which you can engage other social media users to market your business.  You also need to engage experts who dedicate their time to posting about your business on social media platforms.

Luckily WordPress was created where you can connect your social media accounts and use them to serve social media for business purposes. This is important in setting your social media marketing strategies. It has options such as social share buttons on every post that drives engagement.

Why you need to connect your social media accounts to WordPress

Engaging people in online marketing of your business requires a lot of effort. This involves careful choice of social media platforms that will make your advertisements accessible. You need to regularly update your social media platforms and regularly post information that will keep your customers attracted to your page.

WordPress makes it easy to generate and share some content. On WordPress, you will be able to update your accounts every time you publish a new blog post. It also provides an avenue to write a new post if you have a special event or want to post something on current issues.

Ways in which you can integrate your social media accounts with WordPress

Use the jetpack plugin publicize feature

This is a renowned feature that offers various security and performance optimization features to your site. The publicize feature allows auto-posts on your social media platforms every time you update your blog.

The feature is pre-installed in WordPress and offers basic options that meet media needs. The jetpack plugin can be set to post on platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Twitter using the free version.

Buffer plugin

It is more advanced than the jetpack plugin. This is a social media scheduling service found in WordPress that lets you connect your social media accounts to your WordPress posts and pages.

The free version of this feature allows you to post once per social media platform when you publish a WordPress blog. With the paid version, you will be able to schedule multiple messages on each platform. You can also customize your posts to look alike on each site.

IFTTT service

This stands for “If This, Then That service”. This WordPress solution enables you to automate a specific action whenever a particular trigger is met.  With this feature, you can set a recipe that auto publishes your post on your Facebook page or twitter account each time your website receives a new blog entry.

This feature has a lot of benefits than jetpack and buffer. It enables you to have a team of ten persons and they can want to auto post on their Facebook accounts each time your blog updates. IFTTT can also be integrated into WordPress in various ways.

Available of social buttons to share pretty links

The social sharing buttons increase engagement on your social media. The buttons available alongside each post enable the sharing of the posts by the users.

Feed them social plugin

This plugin is used to add media feeds to your website.   The feature enables your visitors to know your developments on the website. Further, it displays your latest news on your website. It generates shortcodes that you can add to your site for instance sidebar or footer.

The above WordPress plugin enables the efficient marketing of your business on social media platforms.

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