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Best WordPress Themes

A Guide to Finding the Best WordPress Themes for Your Website

Most beginners do not know what to do when it comes to choosing a theme for their WordPress site. WordPress sites can be compared with Onn TV review for buying TVs where one must be taught how to operate it.

There are many free paid options for WordPress sites and most themes are always better than others. The following are some factors to consider when selecting a WordPress theme for your website.

Look for simplicity

WordPress themes are made of different animations, colors, and layouts.  Check for a theme that supports your goals. However, ensure that the theme looks good but does not compromise its simplicity and usability. Also, ensure that the presentation style of your theme is not complicated.

Go for a responsive theme.

Responsive themes are preferable because of their ability to adjust themselves across different devices and sizes.

However, many themes in WordPress are responsive by default although we still have a seller that sells websites with fixed width and layouts that are not mobile-friendly.  The best way to test whether a theme is responsive is through resizing your browser screen.

Browser compatibility

Users use different browsers. Note that a theme may be looking perfect on your browser but appear broken on other browsers.  This is where you must be mindful of compatibility.

WordPress theme developers should test the themes effectively using good compatibility testing tools.  Web developers can effectively mention this on their site.

Supported plugins

Plugins are known to support all WordPress activities carried out on your site. Even though there are many WordPress plugins, some are not an option.

You must have plugins such as W3 total cache, Yoast SEO, and Gravity Forms. You must also ensure that WordPress themes support all popular plugins.

Translation- and multilingual-ready

A WordPress site does not have to be in the English Language. You can create a website in another language or a multilingual site. You only need to ensure that your WordPress theme supports multilingual WordPress Plugins and is translation ready.

Support options

One major disadvantage of using a free WordPress theme is that you may not have guaranteed support. However, developers can provide support for the free themes they are offering. Note that most of the free themes do not have any support option.

This means that if you have issues with your WordPress theme, you will have to seek it out on your own. You can also be forced to pay a third-party developer for some small issues. Go for a WordPress theme that has a good support option and documentation.

SEO friendliness

Your WordPress theme is key to your website’s SEO friendliness. Even a good-looking theme can have a poorly coded HTML that can affect the performance of your site on different search engines.  Beginners always find it difficult to analyses source codes.

This is why you should seek information form WordPress theme developers on whether their pages are optimized for SEO.


If you are new in WordPress, you only have to select a perfect theme and install it. However, if you are already on WordPress, you have to switch to another theme to make sure that your site is not affected in terms of SEO and performance.

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