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Gaming Websites in 2020

The 3 Best WordPress Themes for Gaming Websites in 2020

WordPress is one of the best website creation and management platforms to date. As mentioned in appStalkers article, WordPress is the most convenient place to set up your gaming website if you wish to set up your gaming website. Additionally, WordPress also offers several elegant themes for creating gaming-related sites.

Below are 3 of the best WordPress themes for gaming websites in 2020:


PlayerX is a WordPress theme created for eSports websites. When you go on the theme’s quick online demo, you will see that it features the designs and templates style every gamer will surely appreciate. Moreover, it also offers the right color schemes and stunning graphics.

The PlayerX theme package also comes with a wide selection of layouts and templates suited for gaming-related sites such as gaming studios, eSports projects, gaming releases promotion, and more. You can also browse the different options for layouts and templates for portfolios, news publishing, live demos, etc. through the PlayerX online demo.

Another great thing about this theme is that it does not limit site owners to only the features it comes. This theme package also comes with a content editor, a tool that allows you to modify the templates through a plugin called WPBakery Page Builder.


Whether you are into consoles, personal computers, or mobile games, the Blackfyre WordPress theme offers everything you need to build a gaming website. This theme is ideal for website owners who would like to create a space for its clan members to exchange messages and open up forums.

This theme utilizes front-end forms to make sure signing up, logging in, and posting of messages all happen in a place that offers reliable and consistent user experience. You will not be redirected to the WordPress admin when using this theme on your website.

The Blackfyre theme allows you to create an individual profile page for your members, and you can also create and manage team pages of other users. This functionality is made possible by the BuddyPress plugin along with the bbPress support forums plugin.

Lastly, this theme also allows you to add a shop to your site through third-party plugins such as WooCommerce.


GoodLife essentially offers everything you will need to create a gaming website. If you are not keen on website creation, this theme is also perfect as it is ready-to-go; you need to install the theme’s files and then utilize the one-click importer.

Although GoodLife is not explicitly created for creating gaming websites, you will see through the demos several layouts and templates that are perfect for gaming-related sites. This theme comes with all the features most professional gaming sites have.

Moreover, if there’s anything in this theme and your gaming website that you would like to modify, the plugin called Visual Composer is the tool you can use. This plugin allows you to open any demo content and edit it through a convenient drag-and-drop interface.


Whether you are into pc, console, or mobile games, creating your website will help promote yourself and your clan into the public. Having a wide number of audience to showcase your team brings several long-term advantages. Thus, it’s about time you chose the best WordPress theme for your gaming website today.

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