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Integrate WordPress with Instagram

Simple Ways to Integrate WordPress with Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that provides a better way to display photos and short clips even without a instagram private account viewer. It highlights what is going on in a person’s life or how a business is doing to update followers to keep them coming back to the account. However, Instagram alone is not sufficient enough to help an account grow in followers.

An idea one can try is integrating Instagram with WordPress to provide a better experience for the followers as their combination gives good aesthetics and functional widgets that takes a virtual experience into a different level.

The following are ways to integrate WordPress with Instagram:

Show Instagram feed within WordPress postsSteps:

Activate Instagram Follower Widget plugin

Go to the dashboard

Click the Instagram Feed Widget

Click and select Settings

Sign in with Instagram for detection of Access Taken

Click the corresponding button

Save Changes

Select the Feeds tab

Click Add New.  In this step, you can choose the styles for the feed

Use your preference for the rest of the settings

Once editor loads, the Add Instagram Feed appears right next to Add Media button

Click Add Instagram Feed

Select brand new feed

Click Insert

Check new feed by clicking Preview

Show Instagram Feed within WordPress widgets


Use the activated Instagram Feed Widget

Go to Appearance/Widgets on WordPress dashboard

Drag Instagram WD Widget to your preferred location

Select a feed from the drop-down list

Click Save and view how the widget looks on the sidebar

Hashtag use for automatic display of specific Instagram photos within WordPress

Three essential things you should have:

IFTTT (If This Then That) account which connects to chains of actions called recipes which connect multiple apps to run automated tasks

Instagram account

WordPress install


Sign up and sign in to IFTTT account

Add Instagram and WordPress as channels

Select a recipe to automate hashtags for the display of specific photos then set it up

Implementation of Zapier Instagram Integrations.


Sign up to Zapier

Link Instagram and WordPress accounts by clicking drop-down list located at the top right side of the screen while logged in

Select the Connected Accounts option

Link Instagram and WordPress accounts and return to Zapier homepage

Explore existing “zaps” that appears when you are logged in

Select Instagram from the main menu

Scroll down to the Popular Zaps for Instagram 

Look for Add new tagged media on Instagram to WordPress integration

Click Use this zap

Go to configuration wizard to set up a hashtag to be used and on which page image should appear

Instagram together with WordPress provides a better experience for everyone, so whether it just for promoting the account or a business, they go hand in hand in making it possible to rise above the competition. A level up is needed since we are now trending on the online field.

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