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Tips to increase social media followers for your WordPress site

Every owner of online sites, blogs or business sites, and other social media sites would like to Acheter des followers and have the widest readership possible. Having many followers translates to more people visiting your site and in some cases such the following may translate to more income or popularity of the site leading to associated benefits such as reaching a wider population for advertised products. Building the fan base for your social media sites is not an easy task and may require a lot of time and effort. This article will show you how to build social media followers by exploiting your WordPress site.

Aspects you should already be having on your Word Press Website

There are some basic features that you should be having on your site to increase your following.

Social follow button

Add the follow button for your preferred social media site on your WordPress site. It should be placed strategically where it is easily visible.

Social share button

Have the share button at the top or bottom of your content to encourage visitors to share the content on social media. This increases viewership.

Make your content tweetable

Mae it easy for your readers to share content from the site. You can have some quotes on your sites that attract readers and make them wish to share.

Showcase social feeds

By including some of your best content, comments or discussions shared on your social media platform will make your site visitors want to have a look at your social media channel. This will easily increase your social media followers.

Now that you have an idea of the basic things you can do to increase your social media follows, now let us look at other strategies you use.

Automate your social media content

Automating your social media content will ensure you always keep all your network updated. From your WordPress site, you will be able to create and post content on all your social media sites even without leaving your WordPress site.

Have social media pop-ups as one of the features of your WordPress Website

Pop-ups can easily grab the attention of the visitor. Use pop-ups that directs your visitors to your social media site.

Ensure your site has a displayed Hello Bar

Automated hello bar is another good way of increasing followers. It can be placed at the top or bottom of the content. It can also be designed to move with the content as the visitor scrolls down.

Add content lockers and social media

Content lockers are used to hide your content from the visitors until they act like your choice. In this case, your action should be to like or follow you on social media. The trick here should be to use the lockers to hide your most interesting content such as the trending topic you have included on your site.

Final thought

All the above tips can work to increase your social medial followers; however, they might work differently and thus it is important to monitor what you are using and determine the best performing strategy.

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