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Sleeping in Recliners

Scientific Explanations on Why Sleeping in Recliners is better than Sleeping in Bed

Most people suffering from difficulty in sleeping at night chose sleeping big recliners over their traditional bed as recommended by doctors.

The structure and mechanism of recliners are contributing factors to how it improves sleeping patterns of persons using it. Recliners are usually composed of cushioned headrests and armrests that can recline to suit the most comfortable position of the one sitting on it. The person seated on it can also adjust the footrest to elevate one’s legs. This position reduces stress that is why people are choosing to sleep on it.

Here are some of the benefits of sleeping on recliners:

  • “Zero gravity” is a position where the head is slightly elevated than legs and knees. This relieves pressure and spine while making breathing easier. Pillows can be used to elevate the head but it is difficult to reach the right height. Pillows can also be easily moved out of place when moving at night.
  • Reclined position while sleeping takes the pressure off the spine. This allows the back to have enough rest from constant and tiring work. With enough rest, back pain can be relieved.
  • People suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis can now have comfortable sleep on recliners compared on the bed
  • The risk of respiratory problems is reduced when sleeping on recliners. An example is the sleep apnea that occurs when tongue backdrops and blocks the windpipe. This can be prevented by modifying the sleeping position or simply elevating the head.
  • Patients suffering from a not fully reversible illness like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can have a good sleep when using recliners.
  • The risk of heartburn can be reduced when the head is elevated. Heartburn occurs when acid from the stomach is released to the esophagus. With the slight elevation of the head, acids stay down in the stomach.
  • Most of us are sitting in our daily activities. Sitting for a long time was found to affect body circulation. It raises the risk of heart diseases, increases cholesterol, high blood pressure or stroke. Sitting can slow down the blood flow on the lower body that can lead to cramps, clots or swelling. By elevating the legs on a recliner, the blood circulation on the lower extremities is now improved.
  • Pregnant women also benefit from the mechanism of recliners. They usually experience back pain due to the weight of the unborn child. The adjustments on recliners are compatible with their changing body build.
  • Most patients diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease prefer to sleep on recliners or other adjustable beds than on mattresses.
  • Recliners help in surgical healing especially to those with rotator cuff repair. These patients should sleep in an inclined position for an average of six weeks. Recliners can certainly do the job.

These are just some of the health benefits that one can obtain from          sleeping in recliners. You may try to look for a recliner that will help you with your sleeping needs.

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