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Recliner Should You Purchase

Which Type of Recliner Should You Purchase?

Are you looking to invest in a chair with power lift mechanism but don’t know which the best one to pick is? This article will break down the different types of recliners and a few factors you should take into account before buying one.

Rocker Recliner

Rocker recliners are popular among nursing mothers as it helps them put their babies to sleep easier. Similarly, this type of recliner is also ideal for relaxation especially for people who have sleeping problems as the chair’s rocking motion promotes drowsiness.

On the other hand, some rocker recliners come with a heating function. This is ideal if you want a rocker that will help keep you warm on cold weather conditions.

Power Recliner

A power recliner is ideal for every living room. This type of recliner can be easily adjusted flat which makes it a great mattress substitute. Power recliners are perfect for movie nights, watching sports, or reading a book in a super comfy way.

Several power recliner chairs also come with an in-built USB port which allows you to charge your phone conveniently.

Power-Lift Recliner

Power-lift recliners are recommended for people who have limited mobility. This recliner can be reclined or lifted with just a press of a button, thus, making getting out from the seat easier.

What’s even better about this recliner is its locking function which ensures optimum safety for the users. Additionally, several power-lift recliners come with an emergency power function in case of power outages.

Massage Recliner

If you are looking for a recliner that will help you loosen up after a tiring day at the office, look no further than massage recliners. This type of recliner basically massages your back and legs. Moreover, certain massage recliners have heating pads which will help soothe sore muscles to give you the utmost relaxation.

Wall-Hugger Recliner

Wall-hugger recliners are ideal for rooms with very limited space. If you wish to get a recliner but you are worried it will take up so much space in your bedroom or living room, then you should opt for a wall-hugger recliner.

Aside from being great space-savers, wall-hugger recliners enable the user to sit up straight and it allows minimal movement. Thus, this recliner is ideal for people with limited mobility or someone with weak knees since it allows easy getting up from the seat.

Few Factors to Consider

1. Size

When shopping for a recliner, you must first set an allotted space in your living room or bedroom for the chair. The amount of free space you have will determine the appropriate recliner chair size you should go for.

2. Material

The material of the recliner plays a crucial part in its durability and comfort. Recliners with higher price tags tend to offer more dependability and satisfaction. However, as there are tons of recliners from various brands sold nowadays, you can definitely find premium-quality ones at a reasonable price.

3. Style and Color

Since a recliner can take up a substantial amount of space in your living room, you must also make sure it complements your home’s interiors. Pick a color that matches your existing furniture and choose the best suitable upholstery material.


Recliners are becoming more popular for a number of good reasons. They promote exceptional comfort and relaxation. However, in order to get the benefits a recliner has to offer, you must choose one that best suits your needs.

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