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Instagram Following in 2019

15 Strategies to grow your Instagram Following in 2019

Nowadays, social media platforms are not just for socialization but they also serve as marketing tools. According to Manusia Online, Instagram has over 1 billion users worldwide, making it one of the most engaged networks. Businesses use this opportunity to promote their brands and to increase visibility with their target market.

Today, let us learn 15 strategies to grow your brand’s Instagram followers.

1.         Enticing Profile Picture and Bio

It is where your potential followers will land after clicking your username. Give a clear message of what your brand is all about. Make it persuasive so that your audience will not think twice to follow your page.

2.         Know your competitors

Your competitors or brands with the same niche are the perfect sources of your potential followers. Follow these accounts and follow at least 50 followers of your competitor. Just make sure that these people are your target audience and have real accounts.

3.         Be social and engaging

After having a pool of potential followers, engage in a conversation with them. You can leave comments, like their posts or send a direct message introducing yourself.

4.         Posting high-quality photos

Build a good impression by posting great quality photos. Your pictures should be aesthetically attractive and matching to your brand image.

5.         The power of hashtags

Hashtags are used to categorize a product or campaign by your audience. Refrain from using generic words and many hashtags. Instead, make a unique, specific, and few hashtags that best describe your brand.

6.         Best times to post

Experts suggest that the best times to post on Instagram are around 8 am to 9 am and 2 pm to 5 pm. However, you can also check your Instagram growth habits through the Insights feature of your business account.

7.         Join in engagement groups

It is a perfect opportunity to gain genuine and organic followers. It is a group conversation where participants are actively dropping comments and liking posts to other participants to get the same benefits.

8.         Invest in Instagram ads

If you have spare money to spend, consider boosting your posts and profile through the help of Instagram ads. It will surely increase your followers if you targeted the right audience.

9.         Build a relationship with Instagram Influencers

Another way of increasing your followers is through Instagram Influencers since they already have many followers. You can ask them to promote your profile, brand, posts, or activities.

10.       Instagram stories’ links

Aside from your posts in the feed, your followers can see your Instagram stories. By adding links in your stories, your audience can go to your preferred page or post without the need to go to your profile.

11.       Giveaway contests

It includes planning, marketing, and implementing the strategies to create a successful and engaging Instagram contest. Make sure to give away exciting products.

12.       Promoting to other social media platforms

Another way to reach your target audience is to cross over to other platforms. It is a possibility that your target market is more active in the other platforms.

13.       Be on-trend

Make the most out of the chance to be visible to your followers by discussing trending topics. As they say, “strike the iron while it’s hot”. It is definitely a good Instagram growth strategy.

14.       Call-to-action phrases

Advertisements should lead to an action from the target customers. Specify clearly to your target audience the response they need to do such as follow, comment, like, etc.

15.       Consistency is the key

After increasing your Instagram followers, maintaining the number of your followers is crucial. For them not to lose attention and interest, you must engage your audience consistently.

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