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keyword research for blog

The best keyword research method invention currently available for blogs

Most bloggers know that poor affiliate keywords will lead to poor optimization and subsequent poor results. The search engines usually rank the most credible, accurate, and relevant sources of any given keyword. However, most blog content lacks this quality forcing them to rely on link-building to increase their visibility. High competition of bloggers is another reason why your blog might not receive high traffic. The search engines do not display all the words in search phrases and tend to give only words with high levels of search volumes.

Find Under-the-Radar keywords: The best keyword research approach

Focusing on the under-the-Radar keywords is a method that would work well if you don’t want to use link-building for your posts. This approach focus on the relevant under-the-radar keywords frequently searched though they are too low to be registered on the most common keyword tools. This method aims to select the keywords from a wide selection marked as head towards the tail that represents the most unique but quality keywords likely to be searched. With this approach, your blog will have better traffic that will most likely lead to link-building translating to more traffic.

Below are the main steps this keyword research approach:

Write appropriate and interesting content for your blog

Your content should be properly written following all the basic grammar rules and have the appropriate length for an SEO article. Ideally, it should be 300 words and above.

Identify the most ideal keywords for your content

Check the core terms that are relevant to the content you want to post.

Find the Long-Tail Variations through the help of Google’s keyword tool

Check on what Google suggests as the keywords. Google gives a variety of words with ideal search volume. Try several combinations and pick the best.

Perform identification of the Longer Variations with Implied Search Volume: Use

Soolve gives a collection of the most searched terms from the most common search engines such as Google, Bing, Wikipedia,, yahoo among others. The results on the top are usually the more researched terms while the following results occur in the order of the numbers they are searched. Nevertheless, even results with the lowest volume mean that they are searched. You can get better results from solve by paying a small fee.

Search the words in Google and document the terms with the lowest competition

After getting the best terms through the help of Soovle, use the Google tool to check for their volume and then search them in Google. In this case, you will be looking for results that have the lowest match to your selected phrases.

Optimize your content

In optimizing your work, you will be working to have your content match the keywords that you have found to be the best to use in your content. You could use the words in the title as well as inside the content. You can label the images with your keywords and also include them in links-building.


With these tips, you can now embark on the journey of creating appropriate content for your blog and expect improved traffic.

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