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SEO-Friendly Hosting

SEO-Friendly Hosting: What to Consider

When it comes to SEO, there a lot of things an SEO professional considers to impact a site’s ranking. Many SEO experts focus on basic factors such as content, sitemaps, links, and robot files. There are also other new factors that search engines are taking note of such as featured snippets, mobile-first index, and voice search. You can jetzt mehr erfahren if you are an interested SEO.

However, many SEO experts often forget one crucial factor that also influences a site’s uptime and performance. You are probably thinking of several factors, but it is most probable that you have forgotten one. This is none other than web hosting.

Indeed, the company you choose to host your website can influence how your site will perform and how it will rank.

Timeouts and errors from the servers bounce your visitors back to Google. To avoid frustrating your site visitors and ranking poorly in the SERPs, you have to choose a reliable web hosting company.

For that, here are some key features you want to consider:

Guaranteed High Uptime

Guaranteed high uptime is the most critical factor that defines an SEO-friendly hosting service. Uptime means the amount of time a site stays online and remains accessible to visitors. If your site’s uptime is low, visitors will constantly be redirected back to the search engines. This will reduce your site traffic and affect your site ranking.

Reliable hosts have a guaranteed uptime of at least 99%. That means you should experience only about 8 hours of downtime in a year. Anything more than that will probably affect your site’s SEO performance.

Location of the Servers

Uptime is also affected by server locations. The location of the host’s servers determines how fast your site will be accessible to visitors. The closer your host’s server location is, the faster it will take for visitors to access your site.

The distance between you and the server you are using also affects how your site will rank.


Your web hosting company should offer a variety of options for you to choose from. Ideally, a flexible hosting company should have:

  • Automatic backups that allow for fast session restoration
  • SSL support to make sure your site is secure
  • Several hosting plans

Reliable Support Team

A good hosting company should have a 24/7 support team which is available round-the-clock in case you experience some problems on your site. Do some research to see if your hosting company has a reliable customer support service. You can even do a test run and call the support team at odd hours and see if they will be available to help you.

Great Reviews

Checking the features of a hosting company might give you an idea of whether the host will fulfill your needs. However, reviews will tell you whether the features actually work or if they are just promotion strategies.

A reliable web hosting is one of the factors that can affect your site’s rankings while working in the background. By taking advantage of this, you will be able to outdo your competitors, especially if they haven’t applied this method just yet.

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