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How to Create a Niche Review Website in WordPress?

Consumers nowadays always want to make sure that they’re buying the right things for the right purposes, so most of the time, they would first take action on finding online best reviews of what they’re planning to purchase or whichever item is best to buy.

Luckily, there are bloggers who specifically run their blogs for product reviews and the likes. And if you happen to be one of those people who aspire to run a blog on reviewing products and make money out of it, here are some steps and tips on how to start this career:

Choosing a Blogging Platform

It’s fairly easy to find sites to start blogging on but difficult to find one where you can navigate easily. With this, it is always recommended by experienced and even inexperienced bloggers to start up a site with WordPress. It is an online blogging platform designed to cater to professional bloggers and hobbyists who would want to display their passions and lifestyle for the world to see.

Setting up your Account

WordPress is highly customizable and would almost always let its users have their own preferred way of blogging. From themes to fonts, there’s always something for everyone’s tastes. Also, there’s a free mode for all types of users and bloggers, but for those who want to level up their subscription, WordPress also offers various plug-ins that you can buy.

Publishing your Reviews

Once you’re all done and ready to make your first post, just click the “Create a New Post” button, and you’re good to go. Just like your blog site, creating and publishing posts in WordPress is easy and customizable. There is also an available plug-in that would specifically label your posts as product reviews with just one click. Make more posts and reviews and watch as your blog’s statistics go higher and your audience reach spread farther and wider around the globe.

Making Money from Product Reviewing

Now, if you want to make this a career opportunity for yourself, you got to learn some marketing techniques to monetize your reviews. Here are some of the most common and easy-to-do marketing strategies to start with:

Advertisements – Probably a common sight for all internet users, advertisements are a fairly easy and attainable method to make money with your reviews. Simply put up an ad somewhere in your blog, and you’ll receive payment when somebody clicks on it. A good and reliable partner for this is Google AdSense, which helps advertisers through a targeted audience. So, the wider your audience is, the more successful the advertisements in your blog will be.

Paid Reviews – This would require you, as a product reviewer, to actively reach out to businesses who would want their products reviewed and published on the internet. Payment would come easily as long as consumers buy the product. This is also safer because you would have a more direct connection with the businesses you’re reviewing for.

Growing your Career

It’s easy to put up a business, but the difficult part comes in making it grow. One of the most solid tips for a starting business is to always maintain a positive outlook. It won’t always be successful, even for established businesses with a good foundation and extensive reach. But the thing is, you should always be open for new opportunities and to not be afraid of gaining new knowledge and experiences throughout the journey. Who knows, you may also get to explore new blogging platforms outside of WordPress, win-win!

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