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How to Craft Awesome Viral Quizzes with Riddle

There are a number of things that one can do while on the net or on social media. Aside from getting various kinds of information, it’s also quite possible to entertain yourself with different activities at your disposable. While some opt to play games, others have fun killing their time by solving riddles or answering quizzes.

If you’re one of these people, you have surely come across some of the best and worst tests available. However, have you ever thought about making your very own test and riddle? Well, now, you might have since we’re assuming that it’s the reason why you’re reading this blog.

Making your own quizzes is not as complicated as you may think. There are only a number of steps that you have to follow in order to successfully create your own riddle or quiz.

Create An Account.

You can go to and create an account. This site will help you make and publish your own quizzes, as well as monitor them, all of which are not possible without you signing up for an account.

Buy Riddles.

Assuming that you just want to publish riddles and making one isn’t your priority, you have the option to buy riddles that are pre-made in the marketplace of the site. Note that usage can vary depending on the license agreement.

Create Your Own Riddle.

Okay, so this is the part where you get to create your own quizzes and riddles. There are six parts in this step, and we will expound each of them.

·         Create

This is where you make your own quiz or whatever it is that you want to create. In this part, you get to have five options for your quiz.

·         Opinion Poll

The template for this has one question, and there’s only “yes” or “no” for the answer.

·         List

This includes an intro as well as three lists or items to start off the activity.

·         Pop Quiz

This template includes intro, 2 multiple choice questions, and 2 possibilities for score ranges. If you want to, you can add more questions.

·         Personality Test

This option has two personality types as default. Each positive answer corresponds to one of the personality types.

·         Survey

This template has an intro, three questions, and a page for a “Thank You”. The answers can be selected or input by the user.


This is optional. You can create a lead generation from here as well as connect the Riddle to a list in your MailChimp account or an ad.


This is also one of the most fun parts. You can edit the display like the font, theme, and color, all depending on your taste.


After having done all those, you can preview and also share your creation. It can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, too. If you’re planning on putting it on your site, there will be a code available for you to use.


If you think your creation is some kind of a genius, then you can apply to be a seller and have the option to sell it on the marketplace.


This is the part where you can monitor your quizzes. This part informs you of how many times your quiz has been played and how many times it was shared.

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