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How to Blog From Your Mobile Device

Nowadays, everything is pretty much fast-paced. According to, everything and everyone is always on the go. Be it in school, at work, or in other commitments, it leaves us little to no time to do our personal endeavors.

Blogging is a great way to put yourself out there on the internet. You are able to share your experiences, hobbies, expertise– anything you want.

If you want to get started on blogging from your mobile phone, here are some ways:

Decide on your content

As a blogger, you decide what you want to express; be it poems, articles, stories, photographs, and many more. This helps you structure your blog ande decide how your blog will look like. Will it contain mostly text? Will it be a portfolio type? How about videos? Maybe a mix of all three?

Identify what mode of blogging is comfortable for you

Once you have decided what your blog will contain, you then choose a platform that will support your blog’s content. These are platforms you can use alongside the other applications to further increase your blog’s traffic.

WordPress is a popular blogging site that most bloggers use. It supports text, photos, and videos which your mobile covers online.

It also gives the option of posting via email account. WordPress will assign a unique email to you, then you can utilize it with more convenience. The title of your post goes into the subject line portion while the post itself goes into the body of the email.

Quicklytics will help you learn and cover the latest trends happening on the internet. This gives you an advantage to jump on the hype.

Flickr is a blogging site for photo bloggers. It provides a convenient and easy-to-learn setup that makes posting photos a total breeze.

YouTube is the most popular video platform for video-enthusiasts.

Be consistent

Being consistent with updating your blogs keeps your readers coming back to see latest posts and updates. Set a schedule and make your readers aware of what days you post for them to know when to get back to your blog. Blogging from your phone can make it challenging, but setting up alarms and queuing up posts can make this task easier.


This fast-paced world does not have to hinder you from expressing yourself. With the help of our mobile phones, you can have more reasons to blog wherever, whenever.

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