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How to Access Region-Restricted Museum Websites with VPN

Are you looking to access your favorite museum website, but you find the site has regional restrictions? Usually, regional-restrictions come about due to government censorships or copyright issues. While you might think it is impossible for you to access the site, there are some available options for you such as when using free WiFI in Los Angeles connect to a VPN and DNS proxies.

What Is A VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a private tunnel that transfers data. Thus, it enables a user to access a network securely and to remotely share data using a public network such as the internet.

One of the benefits of using VPNs is that they protect your data, similar to how a Firewall protects data on your computer. VPNs use robust encryption methods which make it impossible for hackers to access data sent through a private network.

Also, among the benefits of using VPNs is that it enables an individual to hide their physical location. Their real IP address gets replaced by that of the VPN server, therefore allowing you to access region-restricted websites.

How to Use VPN to Access a Region-Restricted Museum Website

  • Check for a suitable VPN provider and sign up with them. Opt for a provider that supports unblocking of the museum site you wish to access.
  • Download the VPN application and install it on the device you will be using to stream.
  • Launch the application. Then, sign into the account using your details.
  • Now, you can connect to a server which is of a different country. Choose a country where there are no restrictions.
  • Visit the museum website you would like to access.
  • You can now access any region-restricted website at any place of your choice.

How to Use Smart DNS Proxies to Access Region-Restricted Websites

The second option after using VPNs is using Smart DNS. Unlike when using a VPN, Smart DNS does not give a new IP; it partially redirects traffic. Therefore, everything remains the same apart from URLs which reveal your location. Your IP and internet connection do not change.

While people use Smart DNS to unblock regional-restrictions, it does not entirely unblock everything. Most of the smart DNS available can only unblock a maximum of a hundred websites. The numbers of sites that can be unblocked depend on the DNS being used.

Here is how to use Smart DNS:

  • Go to Unlocator and sign up. They will offer you a free trial.
  • Watch the tutorials and follow the steps to configure the Smart DNS.
  • Visit the region-restricted website.
  • Stream the content you would like to access.

Final Verdict

Which should you settle for between VPNs and Smart DNS? Well, each has its advantages and disadvantages. For Smart DNS, you can use it as a free service, and you only need to change your computer’s DNS setting. Also, it comes with increased internet speeds since not all traffic gets to the server.

Benefits of VPNs include better privacy and security since it encrypts all the data. It provides you with a new IP address. Both can help you access region-restricted websites. Choose one that works for you.

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