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Steps in Writing a Blog on WordPress

Do you find essay writing a relaxing activity? Or do you write essays just for fun and escape boredom? Regardless of the reason and motivation that you have for writing, it is important that you know the basic platform that you can use. After all, the world needs to see your work, don’t you think? You can also make some bucks with that hobby when someone ask you

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So, in order for the rest of the world to know that you are excellent in essay writing, you need to have a platform that is definitely accessible. For a start, you can use WordPress. This is easy to use and you can definitely utilize the functions that it provides.

Read on to know about the steps in writing a blog on WordPress!

First step. Setting it up the right way.

You might think that you are not too geeky to set up WordPress. Actually, you do not have to be geeky to make it, AT ALL. You just need to have a domain name and web hosting. Are these words too alien for you? No worries.

A domain name is actually your website name. In order for the people to reach your site, you need to have a domain name for them to locate. Web hosting, on the other hand, is that which houses your site on the internet. There are actually some host providers that can make your life easier, such as Bluehost.

Second step. Installation process.

Through Bluehost, you can install WordPress so that it will serve as your host. As Bluehost can help you with a domain name as well, you just have to select one from the dropdown box, then you can provide the site name, username, and your password. Voila! You have successfully created your site.

Third step. Customization.

One way of attracting your prospective visitors is to make your site well-themed. Apparently, the theme is what your site visitors can see when they go to your site. As first impressions last, you might as well use your creative skills in the customization.

Fourth Step. Blog post creation.

The most exciting part is when you do your forte. For the essay writing part, you can click Posts located in your left tab. Then, click Add New. This is to enable you to actually write on the platform. You can enter the title on its designated place and the essay in the box just below it.

When you are finished with your essay, you can click Publish. This makes your work visible to the whole world.

So you see, these are the basic steps for you to be successful in making your essay available to the whole world. It is not that difficult after all. In fact, it’s too easy that you can actually master the use of it in just a matter of days.

Just do not forget the important parts: your domain name, your host, and especially your WordPress theme. Remember, you need to attract readers to your site and let them read your works.

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