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How to Fix Connection Error in WordPress

One of the platforms that are slowly gaining popularity these days is WordPress. Although one might think that the website is somewhat rare, its rising popularity makes it somehow well-catalogued. If you are familiar with the platform, then you might know that there are instances that a secure connection error pops up in the middle of your browsing that you might think is associated to your home internet or your router and router setup.

However, this problem can easily be fixed if you follow steps mentioned by Routerinstructions, given that you have full access to your server. The real problem that you have to look out for is that the error might have more than one cause. If this is the case, then you need to try different methods at the same time until you finally hit the right solution.

What is WordPress Secure Connection Error?

WordPress Secure Connection Error is the type of error you would likely encounter when you install or update different themes and plugins from You will immediately know that the error has emerged once a prompt appeared on the website.

Unlike the other bugs that you might have encountered, this one notifies you that there is something wrong. That only con is that it fails to give you the fixes you need to solve the problem. In order to fix the error, you need to have an idea what might be the cause of the problem:

  • The website is supporting a heavy load.
  • There’s a problem with your device’s firewall.
  • The website can’t run the important scripts needed to get some files.
  • There’s an existing misconfiguration in your server.

How to Fix WordPress Connection Error

Before proceeding to try the following fixes, you should first know that it would not work if you are using something like a shared hosting plan. This is due to the fact that you don’t have the full access to your server’s configuration.

The following are the fixes in case you encounter a problem like WordPress Secure Connection Error:

Make Sure That the Host Plan of Your Server Is Up-To-Date.

Secure Shell Access (SSH) is considered as one of the most effective measures to connect to your server and get an access to your files. If you are a Window user, you need to use a tool like Putty to assist you when you are accessing your server. For Linux and macOS, they use any kind of command tool at their disposal.

Ensure That the Curl Extension Is PHP-Enabled.

WordPress depends mostly on PHP. You need to have the right version installed in your device as well as the necessary extensions. Otherwise, PHP will not work as it intends to do. Due to this fact, cURL, a PHP extension, will permit you to transfer your files through the command line. In other words, you need to have this cURL extension for you to be able to download the plugins or update your themes.

Examine and Make Sure If the Right Ports Are Open in Your Firewall.

The usage of firewall depends on the plan and hosting service you are planning to use. If your server uses a firewall, make sure that it doesn’t block the necessary ports that your web server currently uses.

Although the WordPress Secure Connection Error seems like a big problem, it is mostly not harmless at all. You can still upload your themes and necessary plugins manually through FTP if there is a need to do it. However, it is still a common precaution to fix the error as soon as it occurs. It points down to a problem with your server’s configuration after all and can cause a large impact if it is not solved immediately.

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