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Instagram Accounts to Follow for Web Design Inspiration

Thanks to technology, Instagram is one of the fast growing social networks that help businesses grow. For this reason, many brilliant designers are making use of Instagram to share their creative work to their followers. Below is a list of the top Instagram accounts to follow for web design inspirations.


The Instagram account of Michael Korwin is one of the best Instagram growth services on the platform. He is the art director of and his account is bold and contains colourful graphic designs. This self-proclaimed tattoo, art and pug devotee shares samples of his UX design work, so he is worth a follow if that’s of your interest.


Are you looking for UX animals and customs interface designs? Well, consider following @uxdesigns on Instagram for inspiration. UX designs share animated designs from various designers on Dribble and Behance. In fact, the posts include links, so you can easily find the original designer.


Inspiring micro-animations and super clean UI work designs have helped this freelance UX designer grow his Instagram followers. Take a look at some of the little details that make his designs very unique.


Kevin Mercier is an interesting character from Paris, France. On his Instagram account, he shares plenty of design concepts and interactive UX designs. If you’re interested, follow this account to learn more from his uploads.


UX Design Mastery is great for both skill designers and those who are just starting out. This Instagram account aims at helping followers become experts in User Experience design by sharing work from top designers. The page also shares useful advice and tips for mastering UX design for followers at any level.  Basically, there is plenty to learn from this account.


Get design inspirations for your website from Jessica Robbins, the Creative and UX Director of Saxum. This designer posts images of UX designs with thoughts written on sticky notes to her account. She is a must-follow Instagram user if you are looking for inspiration that will awaken your brain and creativity.


Sander Crombach is a UX designer who loves to go where the wind blows him to. Crombach has a passion for art and design, and this can be seen in his travel photography and inspiring articles on product and UX design. He is one designer that blurs the line between art and web design.


@wireflow is a free online wireframe tool that is dedicated to sharing beautiful wireframes, storyboards, sketches and prototypes for user flows. You will get to see hand-drawn wireframes as well as user flows in this account. You can, therefore, use this tool freely for simple flowchart management and get instant results in your browser.


Leckie is a freelance UX designer in Amsterdam. In his Instagram account, Leckie shares behind-the-scene photos of his design and workflow process. His account also goes beyond digital work as it also includes hand-drawn wireframes. It is definitely a place to get inspiration for your own web designs.


Based in Florida, Lenora Porter is a product and freelance UX designer who has a great passion for design. This talented designer is very vocal when it comes to equality and diversity in the tech space. She also gives her thoughts on design and diversity through articles on Medium.

Are you looking to get design inspiration for your freelance or agency business? The above talented designers share their design work and thoughts on their Instagram accounts. Hopefully, you will find the kind of inspiration that you’re searching for.

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