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For a developer working with WordPress whether part time or full time, WordPress seems like a simple thing. ...

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What we stand for

Com hosts is a blog that is all about WordPress. We aim to provide our readers with pieces of content that will help them understand WordPress platform and some of the features that they can maximize. This platform has made the content simple and easy to understand. Each week, there will be new tutorials, comparison articles, and a lot of information about the inner workings of WordPress. Various features and how to use them will also be explained.  Similar to the explanations here. There will be tutorials and step-by-step procedures about using certain features on word press.

How we began

Com hosts began in August 2014. A frustrated colleague came looking for advice on how to create blog. He had tried to build a website several times and failed. It was through this that my friends and I came together to come up with a solution to help him. After we created a successful website, we realized that there are other people who are stuck trying to create a website especially with WordPress just like my colleague.  We decided to come up with a solution to help others in a similar situation. Com hosts was then born.

Recent Posts


Embedding A Video in A WordPress Blog

The rise of weblogs (or blogs) has created a way for instant access to a wide range of valuable information, from various how-to guide YouTube converter videos to forums with a comment section for discussion. Although blogs originally had an entire text-based content, they have now resorted to having a few videos on a specific part of their post.
The inclusion of videos on every blog helps a lot because a few audiences prefer a visual representation of a slightly ambiguous piece of content in a post. Speaking of blogs, WordPress is the most popular and user-friendly tool when it comes to …


How Bitcoin Payments Are Accepted With WordPress

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity very fast. It is important to ensure that your WordPress can accept bitcoin payments. This article will discuss different tools that are required for processing bitcoin payments. Such tools include Bitcoin wallets, processor services for digital payments, and WordPress plugins for cryptocurrency. By the time you are through with reading this document, you will be equipped with tips on accepting Bitcoin payments via your WordPress. You need to do the following things.
Bitcoin wallet creation
After earning your Bitcoins you will utilize a Bitcoin wallet …


How To Create A Gaming Website And Set Up A Personal Server

PC Gaming is very popular nowadays and there is no likelihood of its ending. Experts say that having the idea of creating your own website is a very important opportunity. Setting your own server is also very possible so that people can play on it. This will depend on the kind of games you major on. The following six steps will guide you on how to create a website for playing games.
Layout a plan
Games and websites have something in common. They come in different sizes and shapes therefore it is important to know the type of site you are using. This is about the content you aim to …


Your Ultimate WordPress SEO Settings Guide

Search engine optimization, or more popularly SEO, plays a crucial role in amplifying website traffic quality and quantity. Although manually adjusting your site to be as searchable as possible is the most grueling aspect of many different SEO services. Man experts recommend this SEO service in Singapore for any local business.
Fortunately, web content management systems such as WordPress feature an admin dashboard within any compatible website. This handy function will allow you to tweak some preferences, including the searchability of your site.
You may use …


How to Integrate Social Media Accounts With WordPress for Business Marketing

In our ever-changing world, social media play a concrete role in the success of a business. As mentioned by, Online presence matters for a business to succeed.  You need to find ways in which you can engage other social media users to market your business.  You also need to engage experts who dedicate their time to posting about your business on social media platforms.
Luckily WordPress was created where you can connect your social media accounts and use them to serve social media for business purposes. This is important in setting your social media marketing strategies. …


Four Methods Of Integrating WordPress With Instagram

WordPress has various plugins which enable it to be a powerful platform. Websites that function effectively and follower kaufen are made with the help of such plugins. It can be integrated with other virtual services such as Instagram. This integration is useful to WordPress so that you can share photos or pages. A quality combination is done through the following methods.
Displaying Instagram Feed within WordPress Posts
After opening your WordPress, check for the WD plugin on the dashboard. Upon clicking, you will be given an option to log in to an Instagram …


Best Go Daddy Alternatives

Choosing a webhost determines the quality of the website. A good website should be reliable, affordable and has all the required features. A common choice for many sites is Go Daddy. It has a lot to offer. However, there are other alternatives that are just as good as Go daddy and will offer the same features or even more features at a cheaper price. They have been outlined below.


Fastest WordPress hosting

If you are starting a new website or you currently own one, speed is an important factor to ensure that your site continuously grows. It will also help keep your visitors active. Finding the fastest web hosting is a bit of a challenge since each host offers different things. It’s important to read the expert reviews so that you can pick the right package. They all have packages which can make you even more confused than you were before. Below is a simplified list of some of the hosting companies that are simple but effective.
WPE Engine


Best Ecommerce Hosting Solutions

It is already a challenge to find a decent website. Finding a website that can power an online store is even more difficult. If you are looking to set up an online store, you will require something that is much stronger that the regular hosting plans.  Below is a list of some of the best e commerce hosting solutions.
In motion hosting